Todd Cohen

Licensed Real Estate Advisor

License # SL3486425

Meet Todd

Hailing from the Philadelphia area, Todd is now a permanent resident of Boca Raton.

Todd graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Finance and Accounting. Upon graduation, Todd was the founder of two companies, The SNI Group and Florida Business Opportunities Clearinghouse. Through Todd's leadership and dedication, SNI Group became the leading supplier of travel products and accessories to retail locations in airports, cruise ships, hotels, resorts, and casinos throughout the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. Over the past 11 years, Todd facilitated the sale of SNI Group three times to three different private equity funds.

Florida Business Opportunities Clearinghouse was built around Todd's love of everything in Florida. Since he was young, Todd loved spending time in Florida and knew one day he would be a permanent resident of South Florida. He built a buyer's business portal that assisted clients from the Northeastern U.S., who had a propensity to live and work in Florida, find businesses they could purchase and a dream home for their families. He negotiated deals on many different businesses including a marina, a car dealership, a bakery supply company. and a hardware distribution business and helped his clients find their personal paradise in the sun.

Todd is excited to continue the legacy of Florida Business Opportunities Clearinghouse to help clients achieve the "Florida Dream". Utilizing his skills attained over the last 33 years in Real Estate, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Entrepreneurship, he looks forward to helping others achieve their goals and find their piece of Florida to call home.

Also, given Todd's love for Florida and Florida real estate, during the past 10 years, Todd bought, managed, and continues to manage a portfolio of single-family residential real estate in Palm Beach County.

Family is a core bedrock of Todd's life and he enjoys golf, pickleball, working out, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.