Debbie Engelhardt

Licensed Real Estate Advisor

License # SL3484575

Meet Debbie

Debbie was born and raised on Long Island, and after graduating Boston University she moved to New York City and began an incredibly illustrious and successful 25 year career as a marketing executive. In 1992 she made one of the best decisions of her life, and was the first of her friends to take the plunge and move to Boca Raton. Debbie immediately embraced its energy, lifestyle and intimacy.

While witnessing the current explosion in South Florida real estate, Debbie was compelled to take her professional prowess and follow in her mother’s footsteps by entering the real estate market. In the competitive South Florida marketplace, few agents can offer their clients the diversity of expertise and level of proficiency that Debbie has accumulated. With her vast expertise in advertising, sales, public relations and marketing, she has a keen understanding of what drives and motivates people.

Debbie’s intelligence, passion, personality and unbeatable work ethic have made her a trusted and highly sought after advisor to her clients. Debbie is thrilled to bring her passion for Real Estate to the Koolik Group.

While raising her three young daughters, Debbie was introduced to aromatherapy; the art and science of using essential oils to promote health and wellness. She now relishes in this hobby, and has become proficient in using aromatics to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Debbie is also a committed and lifelong learner, and has found tremendous fulfillment in continuing education.