Working Out From Home (WOFH)

  • 02/5/21
It’s hard to believe that we’ve been living and working and adapting constantly to life during a pandemic for nearly a full year now. Even though many of us might have our routines down pat, there are still many things that have been difficult to adapt to when at home, such as working from home, figuring out means to entertain ourselves, and staying fit and healthy from home.
Many of us may remember the period of time when it was near impossible to find exercise equipment of any kind, either in stores or online. From expensive home workout machinery to basic weights and yoga mats, there was nothing to be found (and in some stores, the equipment still flies off the shelves).
In the spirit of adaptation, and keeping with New Year’s Resolutions (we haven’t forgotten about those!) we’d like to introduce (or re-introduce, as the case may be) different workout types and sources for each kind of person. The CDC recommends 30 minutes of activity a day, for 5 days a week for adults, so this is the goal we are encouraging. Now, we are not medical professionals or physical therapists, so please take your personal mobility into account before attempting anything on this list.
For those with no equipment:
If you don’t have any weights or exercise accessories of any sort, these mostly feature bodyweight exercises or cardio that you can do without the purchase of extra equipment, or with whatever you have laying around at home!
We’ll begin with a set of low-impact workouts, so we’re not constantly so hard on our knees or ankles, which are common points of injury when working out.
This set of workouts sourced from personal trainers involves gym classics such as squats, push ups, and crunches, but also offers an inventive set of workouts where the only equipment you need is a towel, and a chair. But, they do offer a modification on that routine for a true no equipment workout.
If those aren’t quite your style, or you’re looking for something a bit more beginner friendly, NBC offered  a 30-day strength training plan sans equipment to try as well. This plan comes with a full 30-day workout calendar, and instructional videos on how to do each exercise throughout the plan. If you’re worried about the physical toll of exercising for 30 days straight, this plan has built in rest days each week, along with different stretch examples.
If you’re more interested in yoga, This beginners guide will teach you the most common poses; please keep in mind that everyone’s level of mobility/flexibility is different, so you may not be able to get the move on the first try, or might need modifications in the move, and that’s okay! There are generally modifications or alternatives to every move, so that you can still activate the right muscles without injury.
For those who may have some form of exercise equipment at home:
Strength training workout for beginners from Shape mentions that “ideally, a strength workout should include eight to 10 exercises targeting the major muscle groups”, but you don’t always have to do a full body workout if you’re not able to, or if you don’t have the time. If you can hit your personal goal for that day, or even just the CDC recommended 30 minutes, then it’s a win. This routine offers tips for some of the exercises, but it does not include a visual guide like the others, so a quick trip to Google or YouTube will help when we encounter a move we’re not sure about.
Pilates has seen a boom in popularity in recent years, and this low-impact exercise looks deceptively easy, but the movements will have you working up a sweat in no time! This pilates guide from CNET offers workout options for those with no equipment (although they do suggest a towel or ideally a padded yoga mat) and those who want to mimic the experience of being at an actual pilates studio.
If you’d rather “choose-your-own-adventure” than follow a set routine, we recommend choosing from these options:
Silver Sneakers offers online classes as well as in-person, and if you’re eligible you hae access to tons of classes (both live and recorded) for your use every day!
YouTube has a wealth of options, and it’s very easy to go down the rabbit hole to find the ones you like! This list has 10 channels of varying disciplines, from low impact workouts, to yoga and pilates, to dancing or boxing workouts!
It’s also worth checking if your current gym membership offers online classes or videos, as most of them have started to since the pandemic began last year.
Do you have an exercise program you love, that you think everyone should know about? Reach out and tell us, so we can spread the word! Let us know on Facebook, or message us on Instagram (@thekoolikgroup) and we’ll repost your recommendation for all to see!

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