Why Do New Yorkers End Up in South Florida?
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Why Do New Yorkers End Up in South Florida?


Why Do New Yorkers End Up in South Florida?

South Florida has always been jokingly referred to as South New York. This colloquialism has only been exacerbated by the recent exodus of New Yorkers to our region. From July of 2018 to July of 2019, 63,722 New Yorkers migrated to Florida from New York. (NY Post)

 But why? New York is a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of.”  So what is sending all these city people to our shores? 

 The answer is simple: money.

 Data reveals that the #1 financial fear of the residents of the Northeast is that they will be in debt forever. In fact, the Northeast is the only region of the country ranking this factor as #1. (GoBankingRates)

 New York is expensive. They say you have to spend money to make money, but at the rate it’s going, life in the big apple is undoable. The fact is, Florida has 0 state income tax, 0 city income tax, 0 estate tax, and 10-20% lower cost of living than in New York. (UnhappyNewYorkers)

^Numbers you can’t argue with brought to you by Unhappy New Yorkers

Then there’s the unquantifiable… the sunshine, the leisurely lifestyle, the privacy. The little things add up. But the money saved adds up faster.