Where Are All The Millennials?
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Where Are All The Millennials?


Where Are All The Millennials?

Where are millennials moving in Broward and Palm Beach County? While you might be thinking of metropolitan hotspots, those are not the only places millennials are moving to these days. Millennials are moving to places in Broward and Palm Beach County close to work or work opportunities without having to pay big city prices. Many Millennials are also looking for places with more space for their four-legged friends. Read on for the full list of places you’ll find millennials in Broward County and Palm Beach County, and what’s attracting them to these cities.

Delray Beach 

Delray Beach has it all. Nightlife and fantastic restaurants in abundance, as well as close proximity to wonderful beaches. But, with a lower price tag than South Florida’s big cities like Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Delray Beach also provides millennials with an air of culture, without breaking the bank. It has the Pineapple Grove Arts District, as well as the nearby Cornell Arts Museum. Millennials are drawn to Delray Beach due to the variety of options presented to them: the generation used to constant stimulation will never be bored in Delray Beach.

Flagler Village 

Millennials are moving to Flagler Village largely due to its proximity to Las Olas, where many of the popular bars and restaurants are located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Flagler Village also has a thriving arts district, as well as its own local brewery. Flagler Village takes big city life and injects the importance of community usually found in the suburbs or small towns. Flagler Village also offers easy access to public transportation, which is a must for Gen Y

Lighthouse Point

Millennials that fall into the beach bum category are easily drawn to Lighthouse Point due to its close proximity to the water. Those with boats or a proclivity for getting on the water will find plenty of waterfront restaurants with dock service, as well as plenty of other boaters to chat with. Lighthouse Point provides the perfect beach town vibes for millennials in Broward County who are looking for less hustle and bustle than the larger options on this list may provide. 

Lake Worth/Boynton Beach 

Lake Worth Beach is known as one of the most diverse cities in Palm Beach County, and holds one of the largest LGBTQIA+ pride festivals in the state of Florida. Millennials value diversity more than any preceding generation, so it makes sense they’d move somewhere already more diverse (and thus more likely to be accepting). Lake Worth also has an up-and-coming downtown scene, on Lake Avenue. It is a great place to catch an improv show, grab a drink, or enjoy live music. Boynton Beach and Lake Worth are both affordable options for millennials looking to save on living expenses while living in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere usually provided by a sleepy beach town.

Across the board, millennials are looking for a variety of amenities and attractions, with solid public transport to get them there, a sense of community and acceptance, and an affordable place for them to live and work happily and comfortably.