Upgrading Your Outdoor Kitchen

Upgrading Your Outdoor Kitchen

  • 04/29/22

The Outdoor Bar

Appliances like kegerators, ice makers, and wine coolers are fantastic ways to level-up your entertaining. We recommend pairing bar-height seating with an outdoor margarita blender to make you the designated host of the friend group.



Pizza Oven

Customizing this option is easy: you can choose any oven from a brick, wood-fire to a tabletop electric. Whatever you choose, we recommend breaking in your new oven with the Publix pre-rolled pizza dough from the bakery.



Herb Gardens 

There are so many benefits to a home herb garden. Herb gardens are elegant, easy, save money and plainly, fresh herbs are just better. 



Gathering Areas

The most important feature of a summer kitchen is easily the seating. Without a good place to congregate, where will we enjoy the fruits of our labor? We personally love ending the evening with s'mores at the fire pit or by lounging in backyard couches. 



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