Top 5 Virtual Learning Tips for Parents

  • 09/4/20
This year, “back to school” has taken on a different meaning, as students in Florida are widely still learning virtually. It can be difficult for parents to deal with virtual learning, especially while they’re working, so we came up with a few ways to make virtual learning a little easier on your students:
  1. Give them a dedicated space 
    • If your student has a dedicated “school” space they start to associate that spot with school rather than non-school activities like play, or sleep. 
  2. Remove distractions 
    • In their learning space, try to remove any distracting items, especially toys, pets, or other tech they want to get their hands on (making sure the television is off can also help with this). This way their focus can stay on the tasks at hand. 
  3. For younger children, have them sit against a plain background. 
    • This keeps them from getting distracted by what’s going on behind them when they see themselves on their screen. 
  4. Have them use headphones
    • Headphones will help keep them focused on what’s going on in their virtual classroom, and help block out any distracting noises around the house. 
 As a parent, these steps can benefit you as well!

  1. Giving them a dedicated school space gives you the opportunity to have your own designated work from home space.
  2. Removing distractions can provide you with peace of mind that they are focusing on their schoolwork, and not the television, a pet, or anything else.
  3. When younger children are less distracted, it means the parents don’t have to interfere with their learning to ask them to please pay attention, giving the parent more time to handle their own work.
  4. Using headphones is beneficial for both parent and student, that way no one is getting distracted listening in on someone else’s calls, it’s easier to hear the speaker clearly, and it cuts down on feedback from hearing your own echo during meetings. 
Lastly, it will be beneficial to both parent and student if the parent remembers to be patient with their student. Virtual learning is not everyone's favorite way to go through school, so understand that your student might feel isolated, angry, or upset that they can’t see their friends, or that they can’t participate in certain extracurriculars. 

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