Timeless Design Trends

Timeless Design Trends

  • 03/26/21
There comes a time for everyone when we decide our home needs a much-needed change. This might be because we feel the need to shake things up, our personal style has changed, or perhaps, we’re getting our house ready to sell, and we want to give it a more timeless look that will attract buyers.
In order to help you achieve that timeless style of design for your home, we have compiled a list of timeless design trends to help keep your home looking beautiful for years to come (even if you sell way before that!)

Neutral tones

To begin, neutral tones fit most color palettes and styles of furniture, so it makes it easy for you to change your own items in and out as much as it makes it easy for a potential buyer to feel more comfortable in your home. Bright colors throughout the home may turn off a buyer who can’t see themselves in that space and might require some help visualizing the home in more neutral colors, or colors more to their liking. 

Marble countertops

Marble is both durable and beautiful, which has helped attract buyers to it for years now. A marble countertop also helps provide a stunning focal point for any kitchen, which tends to be “the gathering place” in many households. A kitchen that needs little to no updating tends to be towards the top of the list for home buyers, so a dazzling marble countertop is a timeless piece that can help win them over.

Wide plank wood flooring

Hardwood floors are truly timeless and classic, but you don’t always have to choose a true wood floor. Here in South Florida, wide-plank, wood-look tile has become a popular choice, as they tend to be durable, and won’t feel the effects of the Florida humidity the way wood floors might.  Wood or wood-look flooring is timeless due to the look of using natural elements, which is always in style.

Subway tile 

Subway tile can be described as both contemporary and vintage, which is part of what makes this design trend so timeless. Its ability to gel with many designs (be it in the bathroom, the kitchen, or anywhere else) makes these an asset to a home remodel. For those who aren’t enamored with the classic white subway tile, you can now choose from a colorful variety of options, although we do recommend sticking to something more neutral in tone, so the prospective buyers have an easier time picturing themselves in your home when it comes time.

Wet bar 

A wet bar provides ease and functionality for any entertaining space. It prevents both the guest and the host from having to keep going back to the kitchen to fix a drink or wash out a glass, leaving the kitchen free to be the uninterrupted centerpiece of food and fun at any get-together. Even if one doesn’t partake in alcohol, having an extra sink and fridge area is always handy to have, be it for filling flower vases, pet bowls, or keeping snacks on hand for your next tv show binge-session or movie night.
Some final parting wisdom: create a focal point for each room, always take symmetry into account when designing or remodeling a room, use classic patterns where applicable, and stay away from trendy pieces when it’s something that’s more permanent than temporary (ie: cannot be changed or removed easily).

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