The Rise of Luxury Eco-Homes
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The Rise of Luxury Eco-Homes


The Rise of Luxury Eco-Homes

An eco-home is a residence that is designed, built, and operated with a focus on sustainability and a goal to minimize its environmental impact. Although an eco-friendly house initially costs more, it provides an abundance of benefits for the environment while also reducing monthly bills by up to 20 to 30%

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Houses

Energy and Water Efficiency 

Green building reduces the dependency of non-renewable sources which are not only expensive for homeowners, but also come at a big environmental cost. Some features of an energy efficient home include solar panels, proper insulation, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and low emissivity windows. Not only will these changes significantly lower utility bills, but they will also reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Advanced insulation keeps the air cool and the water hot while conserving both tremendously. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is one of the biggest advantages of owning an eco-home. Proper ventilation systems that avoid the use of toxic materials and use no volatile organic compounds instead reduce pollutants and allergens that are typically found in a home. The absence of the harmful chemicals  creates a positive impact on one’s health and can significantly relieve allergies and respiratory issues. 

Increased Value of Property

As sustainability continues to rise in popularity and people become more aware of its increasing importance, environmentally-conscious homes have continued to rise in today’s market. Not only can you benefit from state and federal tax credits in parts of the United States, but the advantages of sustainable features create higher and faster resale values. Luxury eco-homes are great investments and they are the future of high-end and healthy living. 

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