Moving With Pets

Moving With Pets

  • Erin Ryan
  • 07/30/21
              Moving can be a stressful process, not only for you but for your pets as well. So whether you're moving across town or another state, it's important to consider your animal's feelings. Here are our top 4 tips for a stress-free move for your furry loved ones!

Prepare a Pet Essentials Bag

Before the big moving day, it's critical to have all of the pet essentials in one place. Having everything together and easily accessible will make moving more organized. It also makes it easier for the owner to find items their pet may need once they get to their new home. In addition, having the overnight kit helps keep our furry friends comfortable while unpacking.

Take them to a Pet Sitter

The initial move-in day can be hectic and have a lot of commotion that can be overstimulating for your furry friends. According to the ASPCA, animals with a history of anxiety would do best if in the care of a close family friend during the busy unpacking period. Leaving them with a familiar face ensures that they will be in a calm environment and prevents them from getting scared by big boxes and movers unpacking their trucks.

Pet-proof the Home

To prevent any unwanted messes or accidental spills, pet-proofing the new home is a must. Depending on the pet, having cords, houseplants, or any other chewable items could be a dangerous mess waiting to happen. According to My Move, certain pieces in a home, such as exposed wires, new paint, and poisonous plants, can seriously injure an animal. So make sure to tuck away any things you don't want your pet to snack on to ensure their safety.

Stick to your Normal Routine

Consistency is essential for your pet's smooth transition into the new home. Although they will be living in a new environment, continuing their routine will make reaccumulating easier. In an article by RSPCA Pet Insurance, they recommend avoiding changing their exercising and feeding schedule once you've moved in. If you have an active pet who loves the outdoors, try finding an exercising spot or park to maintain their usual lifestyle.
Like every other big life change, settling in doesn't happen overnight — for you or your pet. If you've moved with a furry friend before and think we missed any tips, let us know!

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