Here's To the New Year

  • 12/18/20
2020 has been an insane year from start to finish, and it’s still not quite over yet. While we’ve been living with COVID-19 and it’s myriad of hardships ever-present in the background, it’s been heartening to watch our communities come together and produce a glimmer of light in the dark.
When graduations were canceled, we held drive-by graduation parties. When we couldn’t go out to eat with friends, we held Zoom happy hours. When small businesses were in danger of closing, communities all over put the word out: shop small. Shop locally, help your friends and neighbors stay afloat in these difficult times.
Many of us haven’t left home much this year, and that could make someone feel isolated, especially if they live alone. But this year we’ve tried our best to make connections, to learn new things, be it baking bread, learning a new language, or learning how to roller skate.
So while 2020 has been tough on a lot of people for a lot of reasons, it’s given us hope. Hope in the knowledge that when the chips are down, our communities find ways to help each other- an impulse to reach out and check on your friends, your neighbors, even the ones you barely know.
Whatever 2021 may bring, we’ll find solace in our community, knowing that, even when we’re lonely, we’re never truly alone. We plan on being here for you, and for each other, for a very long time.
Here’s to the new year: may it be better, and may we all enjoy the communities we live in!

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