Halloween in the Time of COVID

Halloween in the Time of COVID

  • 10/23/20

Halloween might look a little different this year due to the ongoing pandemic, but that doesn't mean we can’t still celebrate!
In order to keep some sort of tradition alive, there are quite a few options families have this year to make Halloween feel special, even if the usual routine can’t be followed this year.
Here are some suggestions to keep the Halloween spirit alive during COVID-19:
  • If you usually take your kids trick or treating…
    • See if there’s a local socially distant trunk or treat happening, or set up candy stations around your house for your kids to find, perhaps with some halloween activities at each one! 
    • Or, you could always make it more like a scavenger hunt, and leave Halloween-themed clues for the kids to find the next stash of candy!
  • If you usually go to a haunted house…
    • Try a drive-thru haunted house! There are a couple located around South Florida (and a large one in Orlando!) and might be worth a try if you wanna get your scary on but stay safe and socially distant!
    • Or, have a Halloween movie marathon at home for some scares you don’t have to travel for!

  • If you usually host or go to a costume party…
    • Host a virtual one! We’re no strangers to Zoom sessions and FaceTime chats, so have everyone you’d normally invite to an in-person party dress up in their Halloween best, and hop on a video call! There are plenty of games you can play online together to help with the vibe of the party, and you can all vote on who has the best costume! 
    • Or, have one at home with the people in your bubble! Halloween movies, spooky snacks and your drinks of choice can all be had within the comfort of your own home! 
    • And there’s always our virtual Halloween contest! Where you could win in any of four categories; including costume, pet costume, home decor, and pumpkin carving!
  • If you still want to greet any possible trick or treaters you might receive, some suggestions we have are:
    • Sitting in your garage or driveway (at least 6 feet away)to wave at them as they pass, and wish them a happy Halloween
    • Waving or giving them Halloween wishes through your front window
The CDC does not recommend giving out candy to trick or treaters this year due to the risk of spreading COVID-19. However, they list giving out individually wrapped goodie bags of candy as moderate risk, and that you should wash your hands properly before and after preparing the bags.

Here are a few general reminders about your Halloween celebrations straight from the CDC:
  • Do not use a costume mask (such as a Halloween mask) as a substitute for a cloth mask unless it is made of two or more layers of breathable fabric that covers your mouth and nose and doesn’t leave gaps around your face.
  • Do not wear a costume mask over a cloth mask because it can be dangerous if the costume mask makes it hard to breathe. Instead, consider using a Halloween-themed cloth mask.
Please keep the CDC recommendations in mind as you prepare to celebrate this year, and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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