Fun Floridian Fall Activities

Fun Floridian Fall Activities

  • 10/30/20
Halloween is upon us, there’s a (slight) chill in the air, leaves are vacating their branches, it must be Fall in South Florida!
We know it might feel different this year due to all the madness of 2020, but we’d like to take a moment to provide you with a brief respite; As the Autumnal season goes on, here are some fun activities for you, and your friends or family of all ages to enjoy!
  • Make your own DIY bird feeder
    • A fall classic, all you have to do is locate a pine cone (or a paper towel/toilet paper tube)  tie a string around the top (or through the tube if you opted to do without the pine cone) , slather it in peanut butter and roll it in birdseed! And voila! You’ve got a bird feeder to place wherever you want!

  • Have a backyard picnic

    • The cool fall weather in the afternoon or the morning is perfect for picnics! Grab your favorite blankets or towels, and have a family potluck picnic, where everyone makes their own special dish or drink! For fall, you really can’t go wrong with pumpkin cookies.

  • Bake or cook together

    • Gather your friends or family (virtually or with the people in your household) and try to follow the same recipe, and see how it comes out! For the people in your household, you get the added benefit of taste testing all the delicious goodies! For those 21+ who are reading this, you can also take that time to test out some fall cocktails, such as the classic Hot Toddy. If you’re in need of some fall baking inspiration, we suggest our favorite pie recipes!

  • DIY a fall wreath 

    • Spruce up your home for Autumn by creating your own fall wreath for your front door (or anywhere you’d like to put it!). You can find supplies online or in most craft stores, whether you’d like to make one that’s large and intricate, or small and fun, there are plenty of supplies to choose from!

  • Go for a walk 

    • It would be an utter waste to not get outside and enjoy the few days a year we get “fall” weather, so if nothing else, enjoy the crisp air by going for a good old fashioned walk in the park, or around your neighborhood!

  • Relax by the fire pit 

    • If you have a fire pit or a fireplace, take advantage of the cooler weather and fire it up! Put on a cozy movie if you’re indoors, or grab a hot drink and maybe some smores ingredients if you’re outdoors!

While Fall comes with a myriad of activities for us to do, it’s best that we choose the ones that keep us safe and socially distant as flu season starts to ramp up.
With that in mind, here’s hoping that the South Florida weather cooperates a little longer, and that we get to enjoy the cooler days ahead.

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