Deep Dive Into LED Lighting

Deep Dive Into LED Lighting

  • Idan Polikar
  • 05/18/23

Deep Dive Into LED Lighting

Whether you're remodeling your home or simply looking for an upgrade, you should highly consider LED lighting. There are so many advantages to choosing LED lighting over traditional lighting forms. Let's dive deep into LED lighting so that you can understand why it is the superior choice for your home.


LED Lighting is Versatile & Easy to Replace

LED lighting has a wide range of uses, including basic household fixtures, industrial lighting, and even infrastructure. It’s available in various different design styles, rather than just the traditional bulb style, creating extremely flexible design possibilities. Moreover, LED light bulbs are easy to replace and can be installed without replacing any of your home's fixtures.


LED Lighting is Safer than Traditional Lighting Forms

LED light bulbs are never hot to the touch, unlike traditional light bulbs that generate high levels of heat. Moreover, LED light bulbs are less likely to break than traditional light bulbs made of glass. LEDs are made of durable epoxy lenses, and it takes considerably more strength to break one. Additionally, LED lighting does not contain mercury or any other potentially hazardous materials, unlike other light bulbs.


LED Lighting is Eco-Friendly

LED lighting is a great way to help reduce your overall carbon footprint. You can find LED light bulbs available in almost every comparable wattage to traditional light bulbs, and they only use a fraction of the energy to light up the same space. Moreover, LED light bulbs are 100% recyclable, as they don't contain toxic chemicals. Bulbs that contain mercury must be taken to a special disposal facility. 


LED Lighting is Cost Efficient & Long Lasting

While they may be initially more expensive, LED light bulbs lead to great cost savings over time. LED lights lower your electricity bills and last significantly longer than traditional light bulbs. Studies show that residential LED light bulbs use significantly less energy than incandescent light bulbs and last much longer. When factoring the amount of money saved from using less energy, it is clear that LED lighting is the way to go. You are guaranteed to save both money and energy when you choose LED lighting.


LED Lighting is Better Quality

LEDs offer very high-quality light output. They turn on much quicker than fluorescent lights, turning on and off almost instantly. They also have dimming capabilities that typical light bulbs don't. They can also handle frequent switching, meaning their lifespan is not affected by how often you turn them on and off. Moreover, while fluorescent lights don't perform as well in cold weather, LEDs can operate in extreme temperatures. 


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