Changing Your Domicile & What Matters Most 

  • 11/8/21

Changing Your Domicile & What Matters Most 

When declaring Florida as your domicile, an audit is inevitable. The audit guidelines are publically available, and we do recommend always consulting your financial/legal advisor. If you are just beginning your domiciling journey, we’ve outlined the five primary factors that auditors take into consideration.

  1. Home 

The first thing any auditor would look into is your “home.” This refers to more than just your house. “Home” addresses your involvement in both your new and old communities. This can include, but is not limited to: joining local social/religious organizations; enrolling in Florida schools; using local dentists/doctors; or just becoming involved in your new state.

  1. Active Business Involvement

Day-to-day activities matter more than you may think. If you are still employed in your previous state, be sure to participate heavily in your new domicile. Auditors will check. 

  1. Time

This is where the “six months and a day” of domiciling comes in. Auditors want to see that you are present at least 183 days in Florida, per year. 

  1. Near and Dear

Auditors will also factor in where you keep your most sentimental possessions. Think pets, artwork, family heirlooms. We recommend bringing all of these items with you when you set up a domicile.

  1. Family

This revisits the schooling question. Family (think life partners, children, the like) are a very important factor when it comes to declaring your home.

The Sixth Factor(s)

The five primary factors are subjective, per the auditor’s discretion. However primary they might be, they do not truly encompass the entirety of the audit. The sixth factor(s) include more objective measures, such as:

  • Voter registration
  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver’s license
  • Homestead exemptions
  • Addresses listed on bank accounts, bills, and credit card statements

A true change of residency needs to be reflected in your actions. 

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Disclaimer: We’re neither financial nor legal advisors. This is to serve as an informational resource only. Should you seek any further guidance, we strongly recommend contacting your financial/legal advisor.

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