Broker Spotlight: Elliot Koolik, The Koolik Group

Broker Spotlight: Elliot Koolik, The Koolik Group

  • Christy Murdock at Inman
  • 07/28/23


Name: Elliot Koolik

Title: Founding agent and broker

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Rankings: No. 1 team in Boca Raton, REAL Trends Top Producers 2019-2023, Compass Top 100.


  • 34 residential agents
  • 6 staff members
  • 4 commercial agents
  • 2 interns

After four years, I can honestly say I have never been happier in my real estate career. The high-touch, high-tech approach was something I always aspired for my clients but until I went to Compass, I didn’t realize it existed.

What’s your top tip for freshly licensed brokers?

Everything is about client relationships, following up, and following through. The Compass CRM is the foundation of any aspiring real estate agent’s business. Fortunately, as a Compass agent, the Compass CRM is light years ahead of any competing real estate company’s technology offerings.

In the real estate industry, cultivating and nurturing relationships is paramount to your success. While it’s essential to genuinely connect with those around you, relying solely on your memory is not enough to effectively manage and leverage those relationships. That’s where a good CRM comes in.

A reliable CRM should be viewed as a long-term companion that will support you throughout your entire real estate career, spanning multiple decades.

What 3 people do you admire?

No. 1 is my father, Steve Koolik. My father’s leap into the world of real estate was a defining moment for our family. Previously, he had been a dedicated salesman in New York’s garment district. However, after a severe snowstorm, my parents decided to embark on a new chapter in Florida. It was there that my father recognized the immense potential of South Florida and channeled his passion for the area to establish a thriving real estate empire.

Growing up in this environment, I witnessed firsthand the impact that genuine passion and dedication can have on a career. My father instilled in me the same fervor for real estate, nurturing my love for the industry and motivating me to follow in his footsteps. His success story became my inspiration, and I was determined to make my mark in the real estate world.

Today, fueled by that shared passion, I continue to build upon my father’s legacy while carving out my own path in the industry. I strive to provide exceptional service, leverage my knowledge of the area, and deliver outstanding results for my clients. The values and principles instilled in me from an early age continue to guide me, ensuring that I approach each transaction with integrity, expertise and a genuine desire to help others achieve their real estate goals.

No. 2 is my wife, Wendy Koolik. Wendy is a superstar; she possesses unparalleled creativity and a charming personality. Her ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas is truly remarkable.

However, what truly sets her apart is her exceptional people skills. Wendy has an innate ability to connect with others on a deep level, making everyone feel valued and appreciated. It’s impossible not to admire her. Wendy is a true gem, and her magnetic personality leaves a lasting impression on everyone she encounters.

No. 3 is my group sales lead, Robyn Rosen. Robyn is an exceptional Realtor who embodies both dynamism and tact in every aspect of her work. Her remarkable skill set and impeccable social graces enable her to navigate any situation with ease and finesse. However, what truly sets Robyn apart and earns my utmost admiration is her unwavering commitment to helping others.

Within our team, Robyn is renowned for her invaluable problem-solving abilities. If you find yourself facing a challenge, rest assured that Robyn will have the solution. Even in the rare instances where she may not have an immediate answer, she possesses a unique talent for connecting with the right person who does. Her resourcefulness and determination to find solutions are unparalleled. Robyn is my sounding board for so many decisions.

What makes a good leader?

A good leader encompasses various qualities, but one of the most essential traits is being an attentive and empathetic listener. Effective leadership involves prioritizing the needs of the team above personal ego and desires.

A good leader understands that true success lies in fostering a collaborative environment where each team member’s voice is heard and valued. By actively listening to their team, a leader gains valuable insights, perspectives, and ideas that can contribute to better decision-making and overall performance.

Furthermore, a good leader demonstrates genuine empathy and understanding towards team members. They recognize that everyone has unique strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. By empathizing with their team, leaders can provide the necessary support, guidance, and resources to help individuals thrive and reach their full potential. A good leader inspires their team to achieve greatness together.

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