Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

  • Bianca Ungerman
  • 04/23/21
As summer approaches here in South Florida, the days tend to be as hot as they are long. To help beat the heat this summer, here are a few ways you can keep your home cool and keep that South Florida heat and humidity at bay. 

Seal any gaps in doors and windows 

These gaps may seem inconsequential on their own, but when you add them all up, that’s quite a bit of your air conditioning escaping into the great outdoors. Not to mention, it’s letting the heat and humidity inside your home. If you’re considering replacing your doors or windows, we recommend looking into impact glass if you haven’t already; and get two birds with one stone by upping your hurricane protection as well as saving yourself from the summer heat. 

Keep your blinds or curtains closed 

This may seem like a simple step to take, but it’s one that many don’t take the time to consider. By not allowing the sun to come in through the window, you’re blocking the extra heat created by the sun’s rays, thus keeping your home cooler overall. Blackout curtains come highly recommended for this purpose, especially for rooms with high sun exposure throughout the day. 

Choose cotton 

Cotton is the go-to option for both bedsheets and clothing during the summer down here, as it holds heat less than other fabrics, and tends to be more breathable. There’s nothing worse than waking up feeling the heat and humidity from your sheets because they insulated your body heat for the night. 

Check your fans 

If you’re standing underneath your fan, it should be running counter-clockwise, as that pulls cooler air from the ground and pushes it back towards you. It’s also a good time to make sure your fan blades are clean, as frequent use this summer could spread any dust that was built up onto everything below it. If you utilize a box fan or other fan that isn’t attached to the ceiling, now is the time to make sure they are in proper working order, as they will be in high demand when temperatures start to rise. 

Get a tune-up 

Heating and cooling units in a home should be inspected/cleaned annually, and now is the time to get it done before our AC use kicks into overdrive for the summer. For some older units, it may be time to get them replaced, based on the condition of the unit.
Consider doing a check-up of sorts with all major appliances, as running continuously in the summer heat can cause some appliances to overheat, and no one wants to deal with the headache of having to replace something major in the middle of the summer. To help make it feel a bit cooler inside, it’s worth keeping a cold glass of water with you at all times; both to help you cool down, and to assist in keeping you hydrated, as dehydration is a very real issue here in the summer. You can also put a cool damp rag on your neck to help combat the heat, or take a cool shower.
Do you have a tip for beating the summer heat that we missed? Let us know so we can spread the information to others! You can reach out to us on Facebook, or on Instagram @thekoolikgroup

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