5 Suggestions to Give Your Space a Refresh

5 Suggestions to Give Your Space a Refresh

  • 10/2/20
Concierge, For nearly 6 months now, Americans who are non-essential workers have been confined to their homes for the majority of their daily lives. Seeing the same four walls day after day can cause some of us to go just a little bit stir crazy, so if you’re looking for a change up, here are a few ways you can give your home a refresh to make it feel like new. 
  1. Rearrange the furniture 
    • A quick and easy way to refresh a space is rearranging the furniture; it may seem simple, but it’s amazing how moving furniture around in a space can change the overall look and feel of a room! Take a look at how you’ve been utilizing your space since you’ve been home, and rearrange the space to best suit your needs!

  2. DIY decor 
    • You don’t need to run out to the store or spend hours looking online for great home decor, there’s plenty you can create from home! From wall art, to centerpieces, to Ikea furniture hacks, you can update your space yourself for a fraction of the cost in most cases! Pinterest is a great place for inspiration, you might end up finding even more DIY ideas than you initially set out to find!

  3. Gardening
    • Adding some greenery to your yard can help provide you with a relaxing space for when you need to step outside for a while. Be it a flower garden, some veggies, fruit trees, or even brand new landscaping, changing up your yard’s look can add to it’s appeal while giving you a place to escape to. Gardening can also provide benefits such as a better mood and light aerobic exercise!

  4. Painting
    • This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to change your surroundings at home, be it repainting one or more rooms of your home, or just giving one room an accent wall, a fresh coat of paint can provide a much needed change of scenery, and make a room feel like new!

  5. Home renovations 
    • Since most of us are stuck inside all day every day now, it might be the time to commit to finally completing that kitchen remodel you’ve been talking about for years, or knocking down that wall in your family room so your home is more open concept. Not only would you be creating a space you love even more, but you’d be helping support local businesses through your patronage! If you happen to be looking to sell your home, check out our Compass Concierge service, and how we can help with home renovations! 
Since we spend so much time inside our homes (and even more so recently) it’s important to love the space you’re spending all this time in; so if you find yourself in need of a change of scenery, please consider utilizing one of the above suggestions! Remember, not every space requires an overhaul to give it a refresh, and there’s options for every budget and level of skill!

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