5 Reasons to Start Shopping Locally

5 Reasons to Start Shopping Locally

  • 10/16/20
It’s no secret that COVID-19 has had a negative impact on many communities across the world, including our South Florida home. In the spirit of that community, we wanted to take the time to talk about how we can support each other by shopping locally where we can.
While it might seem easier to run out to a big box store, or order from a huge chain online, when you shop locally, the money you’re spending stays in your community, and might be what gives a local creator enough money to make rent that month.
Here are some other benefits to shopping locally:

1. You create local jobs 

    • Spending money at local businesses can give them the opportunity to hire people from their community to help with their business, giving others job opportunities.
2. It strengthens the community 
    • Through shopping locally you get to know the people who make up your unique community, and this can help people feel more connected to where they live. Local businesses are also more likely to utilize other local businesses in turn.

3. It helps the environment

    • Shopping locally decreases the distance an item has to travel in order to get to the consumer, which means less fuel and less packing end up being used. 

4. You know exactly what you’re buying, and who you’re buying from

    • It brings comfort to many consumers to know and trust the person or people who are providing them with their goods/services, and in turn who you’re supporting when you make a purchase. 
5. You’re directly supporting the families in your community.
    • The money from your purchase could help that person make rent that month, or help put food on the table for a few more days.
While some local businesses might not be open to walking in and browse through, many are taking orders online or offering pickup for certain items! It’s worth either calling them or checking out their website to see what their current policy is during the pandemic.

If you want to shop locally, but aren’t sure where to start, we suggest visiting supportlocalfl, which provides a directory of South Florida businesses that you can separate by category if you’re looking for something specific, gives their website information, and sometimes even a special discount code!

They offer a huge variety of businesses, from retail to art, to services, to restaurants or cafes, and even open-air markets! You can also find a wealth of smaller or local businesses through searching on Instagram or Facebook!
Shopping locally or ordering from local restaurants provides benefits to both customer and business, through interpersonal relationships built, friendships gained, boosts to the local economy, as well as tasty treats or beautiful goods, all made in your backyard! 

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