Morris Ades

Morris Ades

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Get to Know Me

Morris Ades is a well-rounded and experienced professional with a strong educational background in both business administration and finance. He attended Flagler College where he pursued his passion for business, ultimately double majoring in these subjects. During his time in the high fashion footwear industry, Morris improved his ability to combine artistry and efficiency. His experience in high fashion footwear allowed him to develop his sales skills and lead his team to success. He has a gift for building strong relationships with clients, which has served him well throughout his career.

Morris comes from a family with a deep-rooted history in real estate, dating back generations. The family business is based in the northeast but operates nationwide, providing Morris with a diverse network of connections and opportunities. His upbringing instilled in him a strong work ethic, which he has brought with him to Miami. He is known for his drive and determination, always striving to achieve his goals and improve his performance.

In his role as a real estate agent, Morris combines his passion for business and finance with his creativity to form a unique and successful career. He brings a fresh perspective to the industry, leveraging his extensive knowledge and skills to drive success. Whether he is working with clients, leading a team, or negotiating deals, Morris always brings his New York work ethic to the table, making him an asset to any organization.


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