Andrew Kravit, ISA

Director of Trust, Estate and Divorce Real Estate Sales

Get to Know Me

In  order  to  create  a  full-service,  platinum  experience  for  our  clients,  we  have expanded our team and welcome Andrew Kravit, ISA our new Director of Trust, Estate and Divorce Real Estate Sales. Mr. Kravit is a nationally renowned appraiser, advisor and broker specializing in high  end  collectibles,  including:  art,  jewelry,  and  design. 

Having  earned  degrees  in International Business and Marketing from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University, in addition to his Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute  of  America  and  an  appraiser  designation  from  the  International  Society  of Appraisers, Kravit now serves as the Managing Director of Kravit Estate Appraisals.

Kravit and his team have created one of the country’s preeminent tangible personal property  appraisal,  advisory,  brokerage  and  collection  management  firms.  The  Kravit team is responsible for more than $40,000,000 in annual sales, has nearly $100,000,000 under  collection  management and  have  successfully  negotiated  and  placed  major Picasso Oil painting a rare 10 carat Fancy Intense Purple-Pink diamond and a collection of personalities belonging to John F. Kennedy.

A  consummate  professional, Kravit  appreciates  and  understands  the  inherent value in making sure the best decision is always made. Ensuring that his clients’ real estate needs are handled in the most professional manner is imperative. 

“My  reputation  has  been  built  on  integrity,  work  ethic  and  results.  Through  our  vetting process clients can be assured that these traits were must-haves for a top tier broker selling their real estate,” says Kravit.

Now aligned with The Koolik Group at Compass, together we are able to offer a comprehensive real estate and collectibles brokerage  experience. From  facilitating seamless  real  estate  sales  to  the  valuation  and  disposition  of tangible  personal  property,  Kravit  will  only  enhance  the  Koolik  experience  insofar  as  helping our clients navigate the complex collectibles auction and private sale process.

The Koolik Group’s reach and ability to find the most qualified buyers and sellers are broadened by Compass and the exclusive Private Client Network, which is comprised of Compass’s top luxury agents from around the US.

Since its launch in 2012, Compass has aimed to simplify the real estate process, one market at a time. Compass is now the country's largest independent real estate brokerage, with agents and teams serving vibrant communities coast to coast. Between employing only the top 2% of realtors nationally, its unique suite of technology and its numerous client-focused programs, Compass has changed the landscape of real estate.

Within  Compass,  The  Private  Client  Network  has  breathed  new  life  into  what “luxury”  means.  Serving  40  luxury  markets  nationwide,  the  Private  Client  Network leverages  their  experience,  technology  and  diversity  of  working  and  accomplished professionals  to  offer  unparalleled  service.

Through  this,  Elliot  and  Wendy  have completed  a  number  of  cross-national  transactions-giving  our  clients  the  Koolik experience in more than just our own market. The winning combination of technology, experience, and network  of Kravit Estate  and The Koolik Group at Compass creates an unrivaled team.

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